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National Youth Parliament - Attune 1.0

SDRV Convent School is excited to announce that the school will be hosting the National Youth Parliament, marking the inauguration of Attune 1.0, on 4th May 2024. This event promises to be a platform for dynamic discussions and empowering dialogue among our nation's youth.

The National Youth Parliament aims to cultivate leadership, critical thinking, and civic engagement among young minds. Attune 1.0 will kick-start this initiative, bringing together talented individuals from across the country to deliberate on pressing issues and brainstorm innovative solutions.

We encourage all students to participate actively in this event, whether as speakers, moderators, or enthusiastic audience members. Let's embrace this opportunity to exchange ideas, challenge perspectives, and inspire positive change.

We look forward to witnessing the enthusiasm and brilliance of our students during the National Youth Parliament. Together, let us embark on this journey of meaningful dialogue and impactful collaboration.


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