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About Us


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high-quality education and childcare to the students of the rural area in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for lifelong learning.
We strive to provide a welcoming learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging among the families. We maintain an inclusive environment in which children from various families and cultural backgrounds are acknowledged and respected.


Shri Dronacharya Rameshchand Vidyawati Convent School (SDRV Convent School) is a co-educational Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE located in Dankaur. This is the only affiliated school in this area.  


We aim to give our children a complete educational experience, with outstanding academic teaching in an excellent pastoral setting, and to prepare them fully for the undergraduate studies of their choice. Our central belief is that our children should be happy and positively challenged in what they do, and they will achieve very high levels.


We are very proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and become their very best. Our students feel a sense of happiness and belonging, which is essential for their future success. The students are educated in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need. We have created an atmosphere where one feels safe, secure, spontaneous and happy. Every student has the right to be safe in school, be treated with compassion & the right to hear and be heard.


Dronacharya School aims at the holistic development of the pupils and gives importance to the formation of habits of discipline, study, self-reliance and moral values, so as to make the students worthy citizens of the country. The qualified & committed staff caters to the various needs of the students. The dedication and sincerity with which they work every day are commendable. The regular training and updating they undergo in and out of the school premises make them sharper in their vision in dealing with the students.


Our Vision

Our vision is for each child to develop a curiosity about learning, discover their interests and grow in their love of learning. 
We aim to offer a safe, happy place where everyone is known and valued, and where differing needs are acknowledged, accepted and met
We aim to encourage each child to be independent and develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and respect for others in the environment

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