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ramesh chand ji.JPG

Late Shri Ramesh Chand Ji

vidyavati ji.JPG

Late Smt. Vidyawati ji

late manmohan chaudhary.JPG

Lt. Manmohan Chaudhary

late ved prakash aggarwak.JPG

Lt. Ved Prakash Aggarwal

ram avtar.jpeg

Shri Ram Avtar Goel


Shri Sashi Garg

arvind goel.JPG

Shri Arvind Goel

nand kishore garg.JPG

Shri Nand Kishore Garg

In the age of innovation, conventions today are looked upon as stereotypes. To break away from the age-old and hackneyed system of conventional education in India, Shri Dronacharya Rameshchand Vidyawati Senior Secondary Convent School  has come up with some innovative ways of learning that would not only create toppers but also take India to the top slop in the realm of global education system. Its futuristic vision has always kept its students ahead of time. A visionary like, Late Shri Rameshchand Ji and Smt. Vidyawati Ji can only make it happen. His farsightedness, determination and leadership quality have given India the most focused education system.

Schooling is a first formal step of a child's educational career. If that happens with a certain conviction at heart, there's nothing like it. Thanks to all those parents who've had the conviction at heart and confidence in Shri Dronacharya Rameshchand Vidyawati Senior Secondary Convent School, popularly known as Dronacharya School  to let their children undergo the most promising form of education for their promising future.

Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great.

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