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100% CBSE Class XII results

A wave of joy spread among the students with the excellent results of the 12th-grade examination announced today, May 13, 2024. Like every year, SDRV Convent School maintained a 100% pass rate this year as well, with 162 students appearing for the exams, out of which 50 students achieved special merit.

In the Arts stream, Sheetal Bhati secured first place with 97.2% marks. In the Science stream, Karan achieved 94% marks securing the second position, and Ankit secured the third position with 93% marks in the same stream.

In Fine Arts, Sheetal Bhati, Charu Gupta, Ankit Bhati, Kartik Singh, Nishant Bhati, Garima Garg, Jay Tiwari, and Yashi Mangalik scored full 100 marks, bringing glory to the school.

Sheetal Bhati scored 99 marks in History and 98 marks in Political Science. In Accounts, Navya Goyal scored 97 marks, and Anushka scored 97 marks in Physical Education.

In English, Khushi, Karan Sharma, and Shraddha Aroda excelled. Karan Sharma also scored in Physical Education and Chemistry, Ankit Bhati in Biology, Yashika Goyal, and Atul Nagar in Business Studies, and Sheetal Bhati in Economics, scoring 95 marks.

In Hindi, Sheetal Bhati scored 92 marks.

The outstanding performance of the students has filled the entire school with joy. All the members of the Shri Dron Gaushala Samiti (Reg. Dankaur) congratulated the students for their excellent performance.


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