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Principal Ma'am awarded as Principal par Excellence & 8 teachers received certificate of excellence

Teachers are among the most important people in our society. They give children a sense of purpose, prepare them for success as global citizens, and inculcate in them a desire to do well and succeed in life. International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) awards teachers for their tireless efforts to raise conscientious and worthy citizens in order to honour them for their noblest efforts. The efforts of teachers who selflessly contributed to education over the last year, particularly during the pandemic, were recognised.

IIHM honoured our respected Principal Ma'am Smt. Gargi Ghosh Kansabanik for Recovering and Revitalizing Education for the Covid-19 Generation as a Principal par Excellence. Smt. Megha Bhatnagar, Shri. Rajiv Sachan, Shri. Bhupendra Kr. Shukla, Smt. Sarita Goyal, Smt. Gracy Borges, Smt. Charu Garg, Smt. Anju Dubey and Smt. Rati Maheshwari were also honoured with a Certificate of Excellence in education. The victory brings genuine happiness, and their accomplishments demonstrate their passion, planning, persistence, and goal-setting skills, which resulted in their success.


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