SDRV Convent school has celebrated "FITNESS WEEK" held in the second and third week of November after the academic board made sports a part of the system. On the occasion of Sports Day on August 29 this year, the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, had launched the “Fit India Movement” that aimed to encourage the youngsters and students to include sports and physical activity in their daily routine. Taking the mission forward, CBSE has decided to devote six working days in all its schools as they aim to take students off screens and into the fields.

Day 1 of the Fitness Week has seen the day begin with yoga exercises and various activities of fitness and nutrition; while Day 2 have free hand exercises and mental fitness activities like debates and lectures. Rest of the days followed by outdoor Physical activities in which games like DUG-OF-WAR, KHO KHO, GILLI DANDA, GUTTE (Small stones), Stapu and many more games have also been planned for the week, with students even being encouraged to take part in essay writing competitions on the theme of “Fit India School”.

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Awards for 2019-20

Topper Students of classes X & XII * Highest scorer have been rewarded with Laptops * Second highest scorer have been rewarded with tablets * Third highest scorer have been rewarded with Mobile phones