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Director's Message

Dear Parents,

Education is a passage to freedom from the shackles of ignorance. In today's dynamic world, education is an asset. Here, at Dronacharya School, we strive to provide experiential learning. However, holistic education does not end at learning. We make sure that our students are rooted in the values of Indian culture and yet maintain a global outlook. It is our promise to make them not only successful human beings but also good human beings.

Children are happy when they have a secure and happy environment. We face a number of challenges when it comes to dealing with students. We must not only ensure that a child is coping academically but also socially and emotionally. We need to keep our eyes and ears open for the signs of unhappiness in the children. They have to be nurtured, cradled, loved and educated. We believe to create a new future. We must first create a new consciousness in our children. So that the world of tomorrow will be better than today. We have many plans on the anvil for the future and continue in our aspiration to build further on the excellence of Dronacharya School, Dankaur.

Sandeep Jain


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